What is an Interim Service?

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Interim is the Latin word for “meanwhile,” but what does this have to do with cars and servicing? Well you will have possibility heard of an interim car service, especially if you are a car owner, in fact if you have a high mileage vehicle or if your car manufacturer suggests it, you should be prepared to have your car undergo an interim service every six thousand or so miles.

Interim is a kind of “meanwhile” servicing somewhere in between an engine check and a full car service. In fact, an interim service can be an extremely rigorous process and will cover all sorts of aspects of the running of your car – from checking the brakes are in order to ensuring that the exhaust is fully-functional.

More specifically, you can expect an interim service to cover: checking the lights and that they are operational, removal of wheels in order to analyse the braking system, suspension checked, steering checked, wheels checked and exhaust checked, tyre pressures checked and adjusted and also road testing of your vehicle.

As you can see, an interim check covers lots of different aspects of your car’s health and performance. If your car has a lot of mileage then it is a great way to check for any pre-existing or potential problems, prior to a full servicing check.

These days you can look online for car servicing costs, as well as audi service intervals etc for your particular model of car.




Women Watches Guide

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A watch is a must have for a woman. Not for just keeping a track of time but also adding a style quotient to her personality. Over the years as women’s vogue has evolved, women’s watches have become more fashionable and elegant. In these modern times women’s watches are all about style, flair, attitude and personality. They have become a part of the women’s persona and substance. There are hundreds and thousands of womens watches available in the market. So the question beckons as to which women’s watch one should go for. Don’t sweat. The following clues will answer all your queries.
What type of woman?
First we need to understand the various character traits of the woman. Usually women’s watches are defined by their personality. The popular watches which are usually worn by women are diamond, steel and leather. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend holds true for a watch. A diamond watch is for the super-classy woman who loves sophistication and lives like in the upper-strata. Steel band watches are for the woman of today who are go-getters and always on the move. These watches complement women perfectly as they are durable, and require low maintenance. Moreover their slick look and feel gives them an urbane look. Leather strap watches are classic timepieces, which are inexpensive yet classy in their looks. It is ideal for women who like to put on a wrist watch but at the same time be practical and keep the budgets in mind. Then there is also a sports watch which is a must-wear for women who are interested in outdoor activities. And for the women who would like to make a fashion statement or be a trendsetter like a celebrity, they ought to be wearing a fashion watch from a famous design or fashion house.
Quality and Genuine
There are plenty of fake watches and brands in the market. The problem with these watches is that they look good but when it comes to performance they just lack quality. Some of them contain damaged straps or faulty dials. Some are even defected and scratched pieces, which are sold in the market. Therefore make sure that you buy a branded watch and check for quality or guarantee from the watch company. Swiss watches are known to be the best in the business therefore preferably buy a Swiss company watch. The flip side is that these watches are pretty expensive. The bottom line is to look for reasonable brands and buy watches from authorized retail shops and showrooms.